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Admit one? Admit fun.


Get carnival and gate entry tickets to the Fair right here. You can pick up tickets right at the Fair, too.


Ticket Details


Regular Pricing

Begins August 18, 2017

Sheet of 25 Carnival Ride Tickets


Sheet of 80 Carnival Ride Tickets


1 Carnival Ride Ticket
Good toward any carnival ride, some rides require multiple tickets


1 Carnival Wristband
Wear on wrist, ride all day


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Child Gate Admission
Ages 5 and under


Youth Gate Admission
Ages 6-11


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Adult Gate Admission
Ages 12-61


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Senior Gate Admission
Ages 62+


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Fair Coupon Book
Full of great deals - in many cases using just one coupon pays for the price of the coupon book!


Fun Times

Hours of general Fair admission.

August 18 to 26: noon to 11 pm

August 27 (closing day): noon to 9 pm

No Fair entry after 10pm

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