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Play Fair. Available on iPhone and Android, download our new Fair app to tap into the tickets, maps, rides, food, concerts, entertainment, competitions, fun and games (phew) found only at the Western Idaho Fair. See what’s happening in real time or plan your epic trip in advance. With so much going on over the course of 10 action-packed summer days and nights, good times get greater (and easier to navigate) starting here.


Buy admission and carnival tickets—including package deals and a bargain book.



Find ATMs, bathrooms, food vendors, and other stops on the fairgrounds.



Concerts with bona-fide rock stars and county music legends. Jugglers, hypnotists, and circus acts. Competitive standoffs both with and without farm animals. What’s next? There’s more than you even imagined happening all around the fairgrounds. Check out all the action. Mark your faves. Don’t miss a beat.



What’s on the menu, and where’s your favorite food stand? Dish it right up.



From thrill rides to family and kid rides, find the carnival descriptions to get your adrenaline fix on.


Fair Info

Guest and security services. Hours of admission. Medical and family waystations. Find the important info you need to stay happy and safe.



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