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They’re quite the characters. And they’re all on Tender—the barnyard dating app—looking to meet cute (animals). Check out the profiles of these fun and fabulous stablemates. Then go out to meet them at the Fair during the best dates ever, August 17-26.

Shana Llama Ding-Dong, 24

I like to glam it up! My scientific name is “llama glama” so yeah, it’s a law of nature and stuff.

Some say I’m a drama queen, but I’m like, “Save the drama for your llama.” And they’re like, “Mind. Blown.”

IRL, I’m a beauty queen. A three-time crown-holder in the Fair’s llama dress-up contest. #slayallday

I’m a very social pack animal. I get serious FOMO. Let’s take some selfies together. Como se llama?

shana1 shana2


Tender Icebreakers:

Best idea for a reality TV show?
For real drama, go behind the scenes at the Fair Llama Dress-up Contest.

Craziest fashion trend you’ve ever rocked?
Choker necklaces. I wore like, 20 at a time.

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Ferris Fowler, 21

I know what you’re thinking. But I ain’t no chicken. I’m a total adrenaline junkie. Have been since I was a hatchling. My folks say I’m plucky.

I get a kick out of the wildest Fair rides. Just don’t mind if I cowboy up, and put on my tall hat to get past the height requirement.

My flock says I’m a chick magnet. But I’m really just looking for my ride or die chick. Let’s take the thrill ride called life together.

ferris1 ferris2


Tender Icebreakers:

Would you rather swim with sharks or go sky diving?
Both! Duh.

Craziest thing on bucket list?
To go base jumping in a wingsuit.

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Fleece Woolerspoon, 23

I’ve got that old school charm with a rockabilly attitude and retro style.

I can spin a wild yarn. Literally. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool knitter. Using my own wool as a spool, I dye my hair wild colors and knit up some winning creations. Blue hair = blue ribbon baby!

Worst pickup line I’ve heard? “Ba, ba black sheep, have you any wool?” Ewe, seriously. Herd one, herd them all.

But I’ll make sheep eyes at you.

fleece1 fleece2

#dye #DIY #winning

Tender Icebreakers:

Worst haircut?
Ever had a full body sheering? Talk about a bad look.

Best Halloween costume?
I once dressed up as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It freaked sheeple out.

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Bo Vine, 24

Yo, name’s Bo. Just moved to Idaho from California. I did a lot of cattle calls out there, you know, auditioning for parts. I also model.

Not to namedrop or anything, but back in the day in LA, The Rock and I were roommates. #epicgymselfies And my first real gig in LA was as the figure model for the cartoonist of The Far Side. #tbt

I’m a real beefcake. No bull. I don’t play games. Except at the Fair, where I’ll win you a big prize. (Me.)

bo1 bo2


Tender Icebreakers:

Little known fact?
Bart Simpson stole the expression “Don’t have a cow” from me. #eatmyshorts

Best party trick?
Cow tipping.

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Bunnie O'Hare, 23

I’m super energetic. Some say a bit harebrained, but I just like to go down some rabbit holes. I get a wild hare, then take off with it.

I work at JUMP. And I host a Radio Boise show—Bunnie Trax—spinning old-school hip hop. Nothing beats Rapper’s Delight, IMHO. I said a hip, hop. Srsly, don’t stop.

Buy me any Fair treat and I’ll love you 4ever. But I get pretty hyper. Gotta bounce!

Want a lucky rabbit’s foot? Hop to me.

bunnie1 bunnie2


Tender Icebreakers:

Favorite book?
The Velveteen Rabbit.

First job?
Magician’s assistant. I got pulled out of hats more times than you can count.

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Charley Horse, 22

I’m a totally rocking horse. Air guitar all the way baby! I catch every Fair concert. You couldn’t steer me away. Especially if it’s a hair metal band.

I’m a Boise Bronco. I was even the mascot my senior year. #Boisefamous

I like cruising around in my 1972 Mustang. It’s got serious horsepower. Come along for the ride.

You know what they say, hold your horses. So get a hold of me.

charley1 charley2


Tender Icebreakers:

Favorite song lyric?
“...on a steel horse I ride” – Bon Jovi

Best prank?
I horse around by asking all my friends, “Why the long face?”

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Peggy Banks, 21

I’m a little bit punk, a little bit princess, and a whole lot of priceless. You can bank on it.

I’m a bit high maintenance. But totally worth it. Bling, bling baby! My last boyfriend, Wilbur, was a child star (Charlotte’s Web. You may have seen it.) He was legit high maintenance—always waiting for someone to spin a line and save his bacon.

I’m obsessed with lipstick. Don’t bust my chops about it.

Male chauvinist pigs need not apply.

peggy1 peggy2


Tender Icebreakers:

Celebrity crush?
I love Pink and Kevin Bacon.

What shows do you binge watch?
The Muppet Show. Miss Piggy is everything.

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Kid Flock, 25

Not to humble-brag or anything, but Greatest of All Time is my middle name. Seriously. Kid Goat Flock.

Man (or ladies), do I rock. I mean, show me a fair contest, and I’ll show you who has two hoofs and a blue ribbon. This goat.

You might call me a “hipster” but I don’t use labels. Except when I craft artisanal goat cheese and sell it on Farmsy under my private label Billy + Nanny. (After my grandparents.)

Get your goat? Totes.

kid1 kid2


Tender Icebreakers:

What’s your sign?
Capricorn, obvi.

Accomplishment most proud of?
I have 137 blue ribbons.

Rad expression overused in high school?
Totes ma-gotes.

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