Simpsons Sweet Corn

Summer work with sweet rewards.


Growing and harvesting corn takes a lot of work. But it goes a little easier if your family is there for the picking.

25 years ago, Ed Simpson started a small corn operation in Nampa, selling fresh-picked corn to a local farm stand. Over the years, Ed worked to perfect the varieties of corn he grows, constantly seeking sweeter and more successful varieties to keep his happy customers coming back for more. Today’s 30-acre operation includes five varieties of sweet corn, sold fresh at the farm’s own stand the same day it’s picked, with leftovers fed to the family cows.

Ed and his wife Candy run their farm with the help of a motivated battalion of college-bound community kids, thanks to their enterprising offspring. When the couple’s children were starting to think about college, they asked their parents if they could help out on the farm for pay. Ed and Candy said yes, and their children started spreading the word to their friends to help them earn a little college cash, too.

Now dozens of community kids, including Ed and Candy’s own grandkids, have a place to go to earn money for their education before and during college. They’re also learning the lesson that every farmer can impart on future generations: the sweet rewards of dedication and hard work.

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