Crawford Farms

Sweet success for a family business.


In 2003, Galen Crawford decided that he wanted to give farming a go—and turn what his father did on the side into a business. 14 years later, Galen and his new wife Jenny have combined the Crawford plot with her Yokom family farm acreage to create a new operation on which to raise their own growing family.

A good farm needs to be built on fertile ground. And it’s the soil that the Galen credits for his success. With the perfect combination of loam and sand, the Crawford family raises sweet watermelons and cantaloupes, giant pumpkins, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables including alfalfa, corn, sugar beets, wheat, onions, and onion seed. He grows without pesticides and with only minimal commercial fertilizer by using drip irrigation and plastic sheet mulch. They sell at their roadside stand on Washoe Road in Payette and distribute wholesale to local markets and nearby supermarkets including Winco, Walmart, Ridley’s, Rosauer’s, and Albertsons.

At their fall pumpkin stand, Crawford Farms offers 40 varieties of pumpkins either pre-picked or pick-your-own, specializing in varieties you won’t find anywhere else. So this fall, take a break from the “garden variety” orange pumpkin and pick a knobby goblin or a white pumpkin from Crawford Farm in Payette.

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